Massage Benefits and heals the body by improving circulation and loosening tense muscles. You will feel relaxed....refreshed....and re-energized.

The DeFranco Spagnolo Massage
Our signature massage. Enjoy a soothing massage of the muscles, customized to your needs, based on Swedish massage techniques. Relax everyday muscular tension, increase blood circulation and reduce stress. A feeling of overall wellness and relaxation is the result of this classic treatment.
30 minutes or 60 minutes

Aromatherapy Massage
Aromatherapy is the art and science of applying pure essential oils to the body within a massage treatment. These oils are derived directly from plants and flowers containing their pure essence, hence, they also contain the many therapeutic qualities of the plant in which they have originated. When combined with the healing properties of essential oils the beneficial effects of a massage treatment are significantly increased.
40 minutes or 60 minutes

Back & Neck Massage
A soothing massage of just the back and neck area is available in all of the above types. Great when added to a facial!
30 minutes

La Stone Therapy
Mineral enriched stones known for their therapeutic value are heated them applied with a soothing massage.
90 minutes

Purchase a series of five and receive the sixth one FREE.

Body Treatments
Enjoy a relaxing body treatment for healthier, younger looking skin and toning benefits. Private shower facilities are available for your convenience.

Foot reflexology (30 min.)
Foot reflexology is a relaxing foot massage treatment based on the principle that there are reflex points and energy centers in the feet, that when stimulated, induce a healing flow of energy to corresponding body parts.Reflexology can increase circulation and relieve stress in the entire body. This treatment originated in ancient times and has seen revival in recent years.Due to its stress reducing benefits. Great when added to a massage or facial.

All facials, body treatments, and massages are available in packages