Single Process Color
Single Process Color is used in more than one way depending on the product used. Single Process Color can be used for grey coverage, grey blending, to lighten, darken, or just enhance the natural hair color.

Color Glossing
Color Glossing is a color process that is used on natural hair or color treated hair to give extra shine and body to the hair. Color Glossing is safe to use on the day of any chemical process, and safe for pregnant women. Color Glossing will not lighten hair.

Dimensional Color
Dimensional Color is the use of more than one color and color placement technique to achieve varous tones. Dimensional Color can be subtle, bold or something in between.

Elumen is a color service without the use of chemicals. Elumen works with negative and positive charges. Elumen cannot be used fro grey coverage, but can be using in conjuncton with other color services. We require a complimentary consultation with a Color Technician before booking an Elumen service.

Corrective Coloring
We require a complimentary consultation with a Color Technician before booking a Corrective Coloring service.

Double Process Color
Double Process Color is the process of decolorizing natural hair followed by a toning process to deposit the desired tone.

Highlites/Lowlites is a technique used to give natural or color treated hair various tones of color fusion. The process is safe for pregnant women after the first trimester.

We request that all new clients book a complimentary consultation prior to booking your first time color service appointment, so that we may accomodate proper scheduling.